The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 27

On Sunday Heidi and I played some card while we were playing I took a photo of her. Notice the sly smile, that's because she beat me by a few points.
Well, if I'm going to get beat, I might as well get beat by a beautiful woman!

January 26

My friend Patrick and I fished Lynne lake this weekend out in willow. We walked to a point all most on the other side. It was a beautiful clear day. In Alaska a clear day in January means cold, in this case a nice 16 below 0. There was two feet of fresh snow on the lake this caused a little overflow. This meant that when I put my foot down I sunk up to my shins. Then as I moved my other foot I sank up to my knee and my foot sunk in water. At Sixteen below Zero water doesn't get a chance to sock through your pants instead it forms ice on your ankles, it doesn't take long for the ice to get thick enough to make moving hard. The walking was so hard that I had to take off my coat and sweater so that I wouldn't sweat. If you get wet at 20 below zero when you stop you get chilled quickly. The moving was hard enough that I did not put my coat on at all and I did not put up the ice shanty tell 2:30. I will have to admit it was nice climbing into that little hut, the heaters made it fifty degrees warmer inside. The fishing was slow. I think the temperature outside cooled the water enough to make the fish sluggish. We caught a few but it was hard to feel them bite. Here's the big one that Patrick caught jigging a spoon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Watch Heidi get her but chewed

January 21, 2008

I was thinking that I was going to go Burbot fishing for MLK Day. I found a place in town that solde white fish. I was going to use it for bait and had the plans all set. But then came the weather. I didnt plan for 80 MPH winds and frezzing rain here in town. At ten O' Clock when it was cycling frezzing rain and white out snow I chose to bag it due to the weather. Of corse Monday afternoon was a nice day and I kicked my salf not going. I guss I'm beter off safe than sorry. The good news was that I got to spend the day with Heidi and the Kids. Patience had a friend over and they took advantage of the worm weather to make a snow man. while out takeing the pic of the snow man a flock of Wax wing birds landed in the tree next door so I snaped a pic and played with my camra a bit.

January 19, 2008

This weekend I took Heidi and the girls to 17 mile lake. We did'nt get out of the house till 1:00. Then we had to stop for some gas. While there I sent heidi in to get some BBs for the girls so thay could shoot the BB gun. It took her a while to finde the BBs which where behinde the sports counter in a locked cabnet. There of corse was no employes insite so she hade to finde one. In typical box store fashin the one she found was not the one that woked in that dipartment so he had to finde some one elts. it took about an hour, still faster than going to Wall-Mart. At Wall-Mart you spend the first houre looking for a person that can speak english.

On to the lake. Once we got there the wind was blowing makeing it chiley. The kids and Heidi put on the Skies and went around the lake. I drilled some holes and put up the new ice shanty. I also put a heater inside for them to worm up with when they got back. When thay got back from skiing I let them shoot the BB gun a few times. Then thay both said thay where supper colde and wonted to go home. I couldnt understand why thay wonted to leave as we werent there for long. It didnt take longe to finde out why they were colde. Diane chose not to put on wool socks and her feet were soked. Be fore we left she was also tolde to put extra socks in her bag, but she chose not to do that also. Her feet never did worm up, she had to sit in the car while we played. Patience didnt put her wool socks on eather and her boots where also soked from skiing. She did, however, put some wool socks in her bag. Once she got her boots dryed by the heater in the ice shanty and put on wool socks she lasted a little longer outside.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Does any one know any thing about this drawing? Mom found four of them in some art supplies that she received from Grandma. I donated the supplies to the art Class at the ARC. The art teacher thinks that it could be by a popular artist but I cant find any thing on the web about the name.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fishing Trip for January 12

We had a bit of snow over the week and I was worried about the drive out to the valley. The roads were slick but they were not as bad as I thought they would be. Got to the Lake at nine O'clock, latter than what I wanted. It was cold out -11 but at least the wind wasn't blowing. I set a pole with shrimp, then I tried to set up the new ice shanty. It didn't take me long to put it up and pull it over the ice holes. After it was up I was outside the ice house putting the indoor propane heater together when I heard the sound of drag being pulled on the reel, I looked in and one of the poles was doubled over. I dropped the heater and dove into the shanty to grab the pole and land the fish. I thought this was going to be a good day but I sat for several hours before I caught another fish on a jig. I didn't have as long to fish as I would have liked as I had to be back in town by 3:30 for a birthday party the fishing is normally best before sun up and after sun down.

this week January 6-12

It's been a busy week with all the birthdays. Plus, this week Grandma Trisha came up from Nevada to see the kids. They haven't seen her for a few years and were excited. I posted Brittany's birthday on Sunday, we had a little party for her as well. Also, AJ's birthday was on the tenth we got him a Track Phone for his present and on Saturday we took all his friends and Trisha to the movies to see The Water Horse after the movie we had a party for him. Plus, this week we finally had a good snow storm here in Anchorage about eight inches fell on Thursday and Friday.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Opted for a rabbit hunt this week end. The weather was cold -7 when we started. A friend and I hiked for several miles through the snow. We started out by seeing a Ruffed Grouse, Von Spencer said that he could shoot it in the head with his 17 hmr but he missed and it flew free. Good thing it was a young bird now it can grow up and make more birds. We saw several rabbits but they were hard to shoot, as they would disappear behind snow covered brush. After a while we managed to see, get the gun up, and fire at two rabbits which we hit.