The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't mess with the Barbra

So, we all know how devoted Heidi and Barbra are to there garden, It doesn't mater if your a child, a teenager or a 1000 pound moose they'll stop you. Just look how Barbra treats this poor little moose looking for a meal on a cold winter day.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Didn't find the time to finish the post last time. Joe and I went to Sutton to search for some rabbits. I drove Heidi's car to the top of the coal mine roads and it was a bit ruff but fun. Joe and I saw several rabbits but we were only able to shoot two.

Lat week I met a friend from the and we hit up the Talkeetna area for some rabbits and grouse. We found some new spots we cant wait to try to hunt some more and we even got a grouse each. well sort of, mine got hit by a car. We knew we had to scare them off the road as you cant shoot on or across a hwy. He scared his up to a tree on the other side of an ATV trail and walked off to shoot it. Mean wile I tried to get the bird I was after to fly away to a tree but all it did was walk to the middle of the road and take a seat. I tried to get it to fly but it was hopeless it sat their as a truck drove tords it. It jumped up to fly at the last second but it was two late it became a pile of feathers. I looked over it as Dusty cleaned his and as far as I could tell the breast meat was fine so I cleaned it up a bit and took it home. I had the bird for sinner last week and it was great, well tenderized.

This weekend I had to move the camper back to dads so I thought I should do some hunting at the same time. I went to Sutton as it is closer to dads house. I started walking at 10:30 AM. Chai jumped a rabbit from the brush for me and I took a quick shot and got it. There were tracks all over in some spots it looked like the rabbits had dug through the snow and pulled grass up. I didn't want to try to drive to the top of the coal roads on my own so I walked clear to the top. At the end there was a Ruffed grouse waiting for me Chair scared it into the air and i shot it. I wanted to walk to Eska Falls but I ran out of time. On the way back I jumped a small bull moose that had two cows with it. I got back to the car at 5:30. Man am I out of shape my legs are sore today. Next week I'm going to go ice fishing for the first time of the year should be good.