The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tail race

Just got home from Eklutna tail race. When my friend Danny and I got there a man was fighting a big king. He soon landed a fish that looked to be forty five pounds or so. We were a bit bummed when he said he had bean there since 3 AM and that was his only bite. We flogged the water for several hours. We walked a mile or so down Knick river but came up short. We were thinking of leaving but decided to walk up the tail race and give it one last try. Apparently perseverance is the key because on my third cast at the new spot bam fish on. It put up a good fight on my light weight rod but soon I had a 35 Pound king sitting on the shore. I caught it on purple Vibrix. Every one ealts was socking eggs and wasn't doing so good. There was a few fish jumping but not a lot of fish biting. Other than the one that was caught when we got there we only saw one other fish landed and it was snagged. There were some old carcases at the cleaning table but non that looked new. They are starting to show up in the rivers up in the valley but not a lot. Once a gin I forgot my camera at home.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

From Homer to beyond

I was hoping to do an in depth story but I don't have the time. Took a friend from work to Homer for a halibut charter on June 14. When we got there it was raining and cold, only 45degrees. After we set up the camper we headed down to the fishing hole to try our luck at a king. We fished for a few hours, I had five on that I lost. Then I hooked a nice one on my light weight rod with 12 pound test, got it to shore to find that it was hooked just behind the mouth so I let it go. After; we headed to Lands End to catch some flounder, I caught one plus a few star fish. Then we headed back to camp to get some shut eye before the charter. The next day we lucked out with some nice weather and seas. We went out between the Kenai peninsula and Barren Island. We fished in very deep water around 600'. The current was so strong we used 3 lbs of lead, the weight would hit the bottom then skip out several hundred more feet. My fishing line was out to the backing of the backing when I would hook a fish. None the less every one on board got there limit. I was trying to release fish until I got the big one, unfortunately after you reel a fish from that depth you want to keep it. I released twelve then noticed that I was the only one left fishing so I kept the next two that I caught. They were both about 30 lbs. We went with Captain Bs C Charters. Bryan Bondioli the Skipper was a great guide, his deck hand did an excellent job, Who's name I can't recall. To sum it up, I would say I go on a charter once a year however this is the first trip I have tipped the captain and deck hand. There were several points on the trip where we were all hooked up at once they worked together as a team and had us back fishing in no time. I will definitely go with them again. When we got back to land we got a bite to eat from a restaurant then we hit the lagoon again. That's right we fished from six am until two am. I managed to hook into another king that I lost then a bit later I landed a 20 ponder. After that the fishing went dead. The next day we slept in and left at noon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rabbit lake

May 31 Rabbit Lake
Heidi complained that I don’t take her for enough hikes; so I said lets go. I drove her and the girls, a long with the neighbor’s granddaughter down the HWY to McHugh Creek at 3:30. We hiked down the Turnagain arm trail to the Rabbit Lake trail. The Views were breath taking, the girls did great. The wild flowers just bloomed making the mountain side a nice painting. The girls had a ball picking them along the way. We only made it half way past the two mile post. Then I thought that we should head down. It doesn’t seam far but as it was all up hill it was a good work out for all. Heidi wants to go back and hike it when we have more time.