The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lake Louise, Rabbit Hunting and Back To Louise

It has been a few weeks since I posted. Here is whet I have done. Patrick and I went to Lake Louise. We fished a few spots and had some good hits but only caught one small lake trout each. The next week i went rabbit hunting. Rabbits are off there seven year cycle now but I did shoot five and missed five. I spent the next weekend at home then i headed to Louise to spend the night. I pulled all my fishing stuff out on the lake a mile and a half after work. I thought I was going to get cold but it was nice. I think it was around 0 at night but I took a heater and a 20 LBS propane can. The ice house was in the 80 for a while so I had to leave the heater on low so it was cool enough to sleep. I got up at five the next morning to fish this seemed to be the best time. I had several strikes then caught a BB about 8 LBS. Not to long after that I had a huge strike and some line was pulled off the reel for a wile then the line broke and I lost the fish. After that one I caught five small lakers. After 10 the fishing was dead. I pulled the Auger, tent, sleeping stuff heater and 20LBS of propane onto the ice and was surprised that it was not that hard. On the way back to the can it was warmer out and I got sweaty but it was nice. looks like I will be at mom and dads this weekend so I wont go fishing till April. I needed the extension on the auger at Louise so looks like there is still lots of winter left.
I think it is smiling at you!!!!