The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rabbit hunting

Saturday Jonathan and I went rabbit hunting. The strange warm weather helped make it a great trip. If you look at last years blog entries you’ll see snow and cold, unlike this year which has been balmy by last years standards; although we have had a few frosts it has not dropped cold enough to snow. The warm weather makes for good hair hunting as they are white and the back ground is brown. Jonathan hit a few in the head with the .22. Head shots are tough because of the thick brush. We started with real hunting, walking through the trees and thickets to scare up the game. After we wore our selves out crashing through the trees we cleaned the hairs we shot than decided to drive up the trail and look out the window for the white spots that indicate a rabbit. We stopped at the end of the road and did some target practicing then drove back to the other end of the trail. Total we shot fifteen rabbits and a ruffed grouse.
Oh I forgot; on the way there, when we went by Caribou Creek there where sheep by the road, I have seen them on the lion head and I have seen them on sheep mt but that is the first time I have seen them by the rd.

Monday, October 19, 2009

All Sunner

I have had several people come up to me and say that they look at my blog regularly. All these people ask me the same thing, why haven’t I updated it all year. Sorry, it took me so long; it’s not that I haven’t done anything all summer. At first I was busy then on one trip the camera was dropped in the sand and wouldn’t work any more. I could have updated without any photos but it’s just not the same without photos to back me up. As soon as PFDs came out this year I picked up a new camera so I could continue to keep you updated; as well, I borrowed some photos from friends so you could see what all we did. I will try to some it up for you.
For Memorial Day we took a bunch of Jonathan’s friends to Homer. While we were there we did some clamming, beach combing, and fishing. Joe and Karen met us there with their kids. We all had a great time. If you know Joe, you have to ask him what happens when you try to remove the primer from a shot gun shell. Joe and our wives went out of Deep Creek with one of Karen’s friends who have a boat. I suppose it is only fitting Karen caught the biggest fish. Heidi took a long nap, 12 years of marriage to me and she still hates the ocean. The next day we met Allan and Tami at Kenai river for a salmon charter, the high lights where a calf moose and a coyote. The fishing was lousy, the free halibut fishing was better. For the Fourth (do I have to say the month) we took Mariah, Jonathan’s girl friend, and her family to Kasilof to go dip netting. Maura, Mariah’s mom, has 7 kids, six of which are under 6 so she doesn’t get out much. I think they all had a blast. We dipped 85 reds and a few pinks. Somehow I gave myself a case of bursitis which hampered the rest of my summer activities. At one point my elbow was twice the size of my knee. I went to the ‘doc in the box’ who prescribed me some meds that once again I was allergic to and I ended up with a 103 degree fever. Once the fever broke I went to the chiropractor who explained how you get bursitis he then popped my arm and like that it went away. We had a great run of silvers this year in the valley which was good because the kings were a no-show. I took a few trips to Jim creek. At one point there where so many fish in the creek you could not help but hook one. I borrowed Uncle Jim’s four wheeler a few times while he was out of town. Mostly I went for a ride but I looked for a moose at the same time. Joe and I had a cardio work out while trying to navigate our way over the cliffs of Wish Bone Hill. We did jump a few cows but did not see a bull. Heidi and I went to Tangle Lakes for our anniversary trip at first the wind blew a non stop of forty MPH. I know that doesn’t seem bad but when you remember there is no shelter from the wind for miles around you it can be down right lame. I told Heidi if it didn’t stop we would pack up a leave for Chena via Richardson Hwy. While we waited we took a hike to pick blueberries. Unlike last year this year there was lots of big ripe berries for us to pick. While we where hiking a big bull caribou saw us and instead of running from us he ran to us. I think because Heidi was wearing a white sweater. Since I said we would leave if the wind did not stop, the next day it became flat calm not only that but it was warm into the 70’s, and didn’t cool off much at night. We took a canoe ride to the other side of the lake stopped where Rock creek flows in and caught some grayling. We cooked one of the fish with out any utensils over a fire that Heidi started with out any matches. It wasn’t great but you could eat it, if you had to. Since I planted the seed into Heidi’s head of going to Chena Hot Spring the next day we left. The drive was beautiful. Stopped in Fairbanks and it was eighty’ man was it nice. Played in the hot springs, took some hikes, picked berries, and ate at the resort. We found a cave in the Angle Tors, which was neat. Took lots of photos with 35 MM film but have not got them developed yet. I bought Patience a Chipmunk 22. We took it Rabbit hunting and she popped a rabbit with it. It has been a strange fall, very warm I can still take the canoe out on lakes so far I have caught a 24 & 21 rainbow as the largest. This weekend I am going to bag more Hares so I can make Jerky.