The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Monday, December 7, 2009

The bottom photo is of the sun rising, as I started to fish Saturday. I should have listened to the sailor in me that said,"red sky in the morning sailor take warning". Since I didn't listen, I stood on the ice in a foot of snow with ankle deep over flow socking my boots in the wind. Not that it was all that windy just enough to make it colder. I don't know Why I stood there on the ice all day, I just thought that If I put in the time I might be rewarded with a big fish.
Well, apparently the big fish listened to the sailor because I could not get one to bite. I didn't get skunked and one of the fish was so larg that it got all the treble hooks on the spoon in it's mouth, that huge fish must have been six inches long. I guess you could say that I got humbled by mother nature. The top photo in of the sun set on Sunday. if I cant catch a fish at least I can show you something.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

first ice fishing trip

Patience and I went to 17 mile for the first ice fishing trip of the year. We had a lot of fun. We stayed warm in the ice shanty. I wanted to try some new Jigs I bought I would love to say the fishing was non stop but the truth is it was just stop as it never started. Non the less I told Patience that I was going to walk out a ways and drill a hole to give one last go at the big one then we would leave. thats when I caught this

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rabbit hunting

Saturday Jonathan and I went rabbit hunting. The strange warm weather helped make it a great trip. If you look at last years blog entries you’ll see snow and cold, unlike this year which has been balmy by last years standards; although we have had a few frosts it has not dropped cold enough to snow. The warm weather makes for good hair hunting as they are white and the back ground is brown. Jonathan hit a few in the head with the .22. Head shots are tough because of the thick brush. We started with real hunting, walking through the trees and thickets to scare up the game. After we wore our selves out crashing through the trees we cleaned the hairs we shot than decided to drive up the trail and look out the window for the white spots that indicate a rabbit. We stopped at the end of the road and did some target practicing then drove back to the other end of the trail. Total we shot fifteen rabbits and a ruffed grouse.
Oh I forgot; on the way there, when we went by Caribou Creek there where sheep by the road, I have seen them on the lion head and I have seen them on sheep mt but that is the first time I have seen them by the rd.

Monday, October 19, 2009

All Sunner

I have had several people come up to me and say that they look at my blog regularly. All these people ask me the same thing, why haven’t I updated it all year. Sorry, it took me so long; it’s not that I haven’t done anything all summer. At first I was busy then on one trip the camera was dropped in the sand and wouldn’t work any more. I could have updated without any photos but it’s just not the same without photos to back me up. As soon as PFDs came out this year I picked up a new camera so I could continue to keep you updated; as well, I borrowed some photos from friends so you could see what all we did. I will try to some it up for you.
For Memorial Day we took a bunch of Jonathan’s friends to Homer. While we were there we did some clamming, beach combing, and fishing. Joe and Karen met us there with their kids. We all had a great time. If you know Joe, you have to ask him what happens when you try to remove the primer from a shot gun shell. Joe and our wives went out of Deep Creek with one of Karen’s friends who have a boat. I suppose it is only fitting Karen caught the biggest fish. Heidi took a long nap, 12 years of marriage to me and she still hates the ocean. The next day we met Allan and Tami at Kenai river for a salmon charter, the high lights where a calf moose and a coyote. The fishing was lousy, the free halibut fishing was better. For the Fourth (do I have to say the month) we took Mariah, Jonathan’s girl friend, and her family to Kasilof to go dip netting. Maura, Mariah’s mom, has 7 kids, six of which are under 6 so she doesn’t get out much. I think they all had a blast. We dipped 85 reds and a few pinks. Somehow I gave myself a case of bursitis which hampered the rest of my summer activities. At one point my elbow was twice the size of my knee. I went to the ‘doc in the box’ who prescribed me some meds that once again I was allergic to and I ended up with a 103 degree fever. Once the fever broke I went to the chiropractor who explained how you get bursitis he then popped my arm and like that it went away. We had a great run of silvers this year in the valley which was good because the kings were a no-show. I took a few trips to Jim creek. At one point there where so many fish in the creek you could not help but hook one. I borrowed Uncle Jim’s four wheeler a few times while he was out of town. Mostly I went for a ride but I looked for a moose at the same time. Joe and I had a cardio work out while trying to navigate our way over the cliffs of Wish Bone Hill. We did jump a few cows but did not see a bull. Heidi and I went to Tangle Lakes for our anniversary trip at first the wind blew a non stop of forty MPH. I know that doesn’t seem bad but when you remember there is no shelter from the wind for miles around you it can be down right lame. I told Heidi if it didn’t stop we would pack up a leave for Chena via Richardson Hwy. While we waited we took a hike to pick blueberries. Unlike last year this year there was lots of big ripe berries for us to pick. While we where hiking a big bull caribou saw us and instead of running from us he ran to us. I think because Heidi was wearing a white sweater. Since I said we would leave if the wind did not stop, the next day it became flat calm not only that but it was warm into the 70’s, and didn’t cool off much at night. We took a canoe ride to the other side of the lake stopped where Rock creek flows in and caught some grayling. We cooked one of the fish with out any utensils over a fire that Heidi started with out any matches. It wasn’t great but you could eat it, if you had to. Since I planted the seed into Heidi’s head of going to Chena Hot Spring the next day we left. The drive was beautiful. Stopped in Fairbanks and it was eighty’ man was it nice. Played in the hot springs, took some hikes, picked berries, and ate at the resort. We found a cave in the Angle Tors, which was neat. Took lots of photos with 35 MM film but have not got them developed yet. I bought Patience a Chipmunk 22. We took it Rabbit hunting and she popped a rabbit with it. It has been a strange fall, very warm I can still take the canoe out on lakes so far I have caught a 24 & 21 rainbow as the largest. This weekend I am going to bag more Hares so I can make Jerky.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lake Louise April 25

On Saturday Patrick and I hit Lake Louise for the last trip of the year. There is still good ice up there, almost 50 inches, I think you could fish there for the next few weeks. As for the Anchorage area, it’s warmed up quit a bit and hasn’t gotten below freezing I would not wander on to the lakes around south central area any more.
The fishing started slow. We thought we might not be able to fish as Patrick’s power auger broke. I had my hand augur but I did not think it would make it through the ice. Fortunately, it did and I think we hand augured 35 holes through 40+ inches of ice; it would have been easier if the blades where new and sharp. We started on the point of an island strait out from the lodge about a mile with no luck. After an hour we walked around to the back side of the island and drilled some holes. It was strange, looked like there had been I ice shack there perversely but was now refroze overflow. As we drilled the holes, turned out we where on overflow that had refroze; however, the area was only covered by 2” of white ice then it seemed like 15 feet of water. We tried there but felt a bit unnerved by the thin ice so we walked out past the over flow to deeper water. Soon Patrick had a Laker on. He had the luck of the day as he caught five Lake trout and the second largest of the year; we are thinking 10 lbs. I think I will let it slip this time since he drove and broke his auger, but since he used my air plane jig to catch them I will have to take a small amount of the credit. I did catch one Lake trout about five pounds I let it go as it swallowed a four inch squid jig. All and all six lakers is a good trip and I think I will fish that same spot next winter.
PS: as you can see bu the moth it was quit warm in the 50 and now my face looks scorched

Monday, April 20, 2009

Byers Lake

I think Joe is ???????????

Patrick, Joe, and I whent to Byers Lake this weekend; I wonder why I like to go there so much, seems every time I go something bad happens. Last time the wind blew the ice shanty away and the over flow was so bad my feet became wet and froze. This time was not much different. We arrived at the cabin and I walked out on the lake, it was warm and there was half a foot of water on top of the ice but I wasn’t concerned as I had rubber snow boots. Well, I stood there for a short time then I felt some cold water around my ankles and soon my whole left foot was soaked. I was a bit ticked; as I thought my feet would be fine so I walked to the cabin to check; sure enough there was a hole in my boot. The good news is that I came prepared this time with hip boots and since it was warn it was not half bad standing on the ice in them; I guess it helps they’re insulated with 900 grams of thinsulate. The other bad thing about this trip was like I said it was warm; I know that doesn’t sound bad to you; however, from an ice fishing stand point it can be bad to be too warm. Friday the ice was a bit rotted on top but after the heat of the sun Saturday I was over my knees in slush in some spots. I think it was in the 60s on the lake. This also had one other draw back, Joe borrowed a snow machine from a friend; unfortunately, the sled happened to be a short track, since it was so warm it spent most the time stuck in the snow. It took all three of us to dig it out and move it. There was five feet of snow and it was hard work, especially after the sixth time. Other than those draw backs the trip was nice. We caught a few Lakers one that was 23 inches and some small BB. I brought home a few flays of fish from one that swallowed the hook and they tasted great. The weather was wonderful, bright sunny and hot from an ice fishing stand point. I got some good shots of Denali and a good sun burn

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patience and her new gun

Patience and I had the chance to try her new gun. She shot several times at a few rabbits. She missed all the rabbits she shot at but She had a lot fun wading through the snow to the one that I shot before she got so wore out she wanted to go back to the car. Could not have asked for nicer weather for April, it was in the mid 20 and sunny with a slight breeze.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patience at Disney land

Here is Patience at Disney Land I thought it was a neat photo for you to see

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair hunting with a 410/22

I spent the morning driving to Sheep Mountain, most people wouldn’t like the long drive but I find it relaxing and a time to think. I had a purpose in this trip; this week is mine and Patience’s birth days, for a gift to the two of us I purchased a rifle so she could go small game hunting with me. She was in California with Heidi so she had no idea about it. I have been looking for a rifle small enough for her to hold but with enough power for a rabbit running through the woods. As I was walking through Wal-Mart the other day I saw the one I wanted, a 410/22 over under like the one grandpa had when I was a kid. The 22 is just right for her. The gun is light enough for her to carry and the wood stock is good and durable. I don’t know if she could shoot the 410 yet but in a few years she should be able to. I took the gun home, took it out of the box, put it together and inspected it. Man did it look great. The light coming through the window made the stock shine as I held to the light to inspect the barrel. I couldn’t wait to use it. It was there in my hands bagging to be field tested and approved. I made the plans right then and there to go out and shoot it. I could have taken it to Rabbit Creek Rifle Rang and shot it for ten bucks but you know me why would I do that when I could put the 10 dollars in my gas tank and do some real field testing.
It was a cold blustery day as I strapped on my snow shoes and took the gun in my hand. I inspected the barrel once more, checked all the screw took make shore it was in good working order then opened the breach and placed a 410 an a 22 round in there respectable spots. I then closed the breach and slowly lowered the firing pin. I put the selector on 410 like it showed in the owner’s manual thinking that I jumped a hare it would be a running shot and off I went. It was nice to be out but man was it cold, the wind was coming from a direction that mad it impossible to walk away from. It hit the side of my face like a bunch of needles pricking your skin. I pulled my face mask up over my nose and put mittens on my hands. Unfortunately, this is one dilemma you just can’t fix when it’s cold; mittens keep your hands warmer then gloves but how are you to shoot when you can’t get your trigger finger through the trigger guard. The only way I have found to fix this is to where mittens that fold back to expose your fingers; this isn’t bad when it’s cool out but when the wind chill is that cold you cant avoid cold finger tips, for this reason I put some hand warmers in the fold of my left hand mitten. I didn’t walk far when on top of a hill silhouetted in the pale morning light was the figure of a snow shoe hare. I had time to think so I lowered the selector to .22 and cocked the rifle. The rabbit was 20 yards up a steep hill I lined the shot up with the space between the hare’s ears and slowly squeezed the trigger. The gun went bang and the hare walked off like it was not even bothered by the shot at all. Ha, I thought, should have spent the money at the rifle rang. I was getting ready to open the breach and add another .22 round when out of the corner of my peripheral vision I saw some movement. Shore enough there was another rabbit; this one in the brush half way up the hill running. I dint have much time, I switched the gun to 410 cocked it though it to my shoulder and shot. It was a direct hit the hair jumped out of the air then landed on its side. I struggled through the deep snow to retrieve it took my pack off my back put the rabbit in a plastic sack reloaded the gun and proceeded up the trail. I had to stop every hundred yards and shoot a rabbit. I would shoot first with the .22, if the rabbit was sitting, aiming for the head. Most times I would miss and follow up with the 410. By the end of the day I had 15 rabbits on my back. I think my pack weighed 60 lbs. I missed a few but not many. I tried to clean them on the trail but the wind and cold was to much, after only completing the dressing of one hair, I had to put my hands in the mittens as they where burning with pain from the cold. I think Barbra was overwhelmed with excitement when she saw me skinning them in the Kitchen; that of course is a lie she did not like it one bit.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ice fishing for Rainbows

Went to one of my favs for ice fishing today. late in the year for rainbows but gave it a go any way and fishing was as slow as it could be. I didn't get skunked though, I caught one about 16 inches. I don't think I will target Rainbows any more this month, they are to lethargic from a lack of Co2 after being under the ice since October. I think I will hit places with char and lakers next time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am hoping we can hear the ice cracking in good speakers

Fish cleaned at 10 deg. and cooked over spruce sap yum

Drake Lake

Jonathan and I headed to Drake Lake this weekend to do some camping. It was a bit nippy as we left the car -10 but it was about right for pulling a sled loaded with all the supplies for a mile and a half. After the sun came over the trees it was nice and warm. I did not put my coat on till after 5 in the evening. I forgot the snow shoes so trips off the main trail where a bit difficult as there was a few feet of snow. Jonathan had hoped to shot some rabbits or birds but we did not see any thing. He tried to walk into the woods but after wadding up to his waist, soon changed his mind. I did some fishing for some dinner and caught a char and a rainbow. I told Jonathan we were camping survival man style and whet we caught we where going to eat with out normal cooking utensils and we where going to start the fire without any matches. Starting the fire was easy with all the rotted spruce trees around. Cooking the fish was no problem; but eating food cooked over a fire made from rotted spruce trees was tough, don't think we got the taste out of our mouth till we got back home. After I watched Jonathan gnaw his way through the some whet cooked flesh of the fish I broke out the MT. House meals, tea pot and the cook stove. I think he was rather excited to see he would not have to live off fish alone. We shot the 22. a few time before we went to bed. We tried to shoot a propane can with it. I think we each hit it at least 15 times but a 22. cant penetrate the can, as it was dented up. It was vary quiet there and I slept great. Unfortunately, Jonathan was a little cold at night. When it came time to get up he said he wanted to stay in bed as he did not sleep. The deep snow was over my boots and some leaked in. I did not know it was so bad till I got up in the morning to put my boots back on they where froze like a rock. I put some hand warmers in them and put them in the sleeping bag with me till they thawed enough for me to get my foot in. I then put my boots on with hand warmers in them. My feet where soaked all day but warm. I ate some food then went off to fish. As I left camp I thought about picking up the propane can and all the spent rounds but I did not think any one would be around so I decided to wait. As I passed the point and made my way to where I was going to fish there they where two troopers ready to check my license. I thought for shore they would be made about the mess I left. But all they did was laugh and asked me to clean up before I went back to the car. I guess they where there to check a trappers sets to make Shore he had them cleaned up as it was the end of the season. I caught another rain bow then headed back to clean camp. We cleaned it all up ate some food and headed to the car. It was a nice trip

Saturday, February 28, 2009

why haven't I posted for so long

I was asked why I haven’t updated the blog, and well I have only one answer, kayos. It all started when Patience and I went fishing and she caught that nice rainbow. Heidi called as patience was pulling the fish through the hole to say she tried to fight with a Fed ex truck and the truck won. She was fine but the car did not do so well. It took several weeks to hear anything from the insurance company. I called the phone number of the person that was so post to be helping us at Country Financial our auto insurance company, only to be told by a recording that they where out of the office till the end of February. In the mean time I received a call from Mid Town auto body shop where the car was taken. The body shop said it was a total loss but he was waiting to hear from the claims adjuster so he could do the final paper work. I did even more searching on my own and fond the claim adjuster and gave him call. He said he was working on it but was really backed up. He said it would be about a week. In the mean time we had rental coverage on our insurance so I went to went to enterprise and rented a car. It had to be a similar full size car or small SUV. Unfortunately, they where out of cars and SUVs but said I would have to rent a truck. Imagine my disappointment when I had to rent a full size Doge truck. I was actually impressed with the truck. It got 18 MPG with mixed city and hwy driving witch is good for a 5.8 litter V8. In the meant time I got a call from the claims adjuster that the car was total loss and if we bring the title to him he would cut us a check. I take off work to take him the title only to find that his computer was down and he could not cut us a check. In the mean time I receive a call from Country Financial for the first time. All they had to say was that I had to take the car back as the amount of the max rental cost had been met. Needless to say, I was a bit ticked, as I had heard nothing form the insurance company. I had to search far more info then I should have to as a consumer and it was not my fault that there computers where down and I did not have my money yet. Wile all this was going on the Viruses protection for my computer expired. I downloaded the new program but I could not get it to upload to my PC right because I purchased the 5&1 program but they sent me the down load for 15 & 1, this made the security code not work. I had to call them to get them to send me the right program. When I removed the 15 & 1 from the computer I did not remove all of it some files where in a different so I still could not get it to work right. Mean wile I told the kids not to use the Internet wile I was at work. Unfortunately, like kids do best they did any way and wile they where on it they got the PC a Viruses. I ended up have to start the computed in safe mode. So I could shut programs down in the start menu till I found witch one was infected. Then I tried to down load DP 5&1 only to find the explorer also had the viruses. I could not find out how to get rid of it so I depleted explorer and down loaded fire fox in its place then down loaded DP and got rid of the viruses. Now the computer is working well. When I ran the Defender pro 5&1 the first time it came up with 17 infected files. Wile all this was going on I went to Juneau for work as part of the key coalition to talk to the state senate about programs for people with disabilities. Everything went good but it was chaotic. Max Gruenberg my state Representative and Bill Wielechowski my senator seemed like good people. I was encouraging them to pas bill 32 that would increase funding to the arc. The last I heard it got as far as the finance comity but I don’t know if it past yet. As you can see there are no photos of Juneau on the blog. Unfortunately, one of the kids got hold of my camera and tried to put the USB cord in upside down, when it did not fit the first time they forced it in and broke the receptacle off in the camera so no photos for a BIT. The worst part is that most Alaskans don’t get to go to the capital as it is inaccessible to travel accept for planes and boats and if you do get to go as it’s a rain forest to are going to get socked. But this trip it was as clear and nice as could be. I have been to Juneau two other times but I have never seen the mountains before this trip. When I got back to town I got a call from the claims adjuster who said he had a check for us but he needed Heidi and I to both sign over the title to the car as both our names were on it. Today we bought a used 2004 Buick Rendezvous with 33000 miles on it. So far it seems great, vary roomy and comfortable. We also drove a Hyundai Santa Fe but I did not like the way it drove and the buttons were back words from American cars. The all wheel drive was jerky and loud when it kicked in and it did not have near as much space. But it did have lots of power under the hood.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Patience and I at Seventeen Mile lake

Patience and I went to Seventeen Mile lake on Saturday February 7. I am always amazed at the weather change at this lake. This trip on the HWY it was around zero to -6, when we got down to the lake which is at the bottom of a steep hill it was -20. We had the Buddy heater with us to keep us warm in the shanty. I use it all the time in side the little shack but at this lake it has a tendency to shut off because of the lack of good air. As I don't have this problem at any other lake I think it is due top the high pusher.We had a hard time finding out how to catch the fish. We used several different baits and I used several spoons to jig with. I finely put on a three inch power bait minnow jig and the fish started going crazy for it. We caught ten and saw some good fish go by when Patience caught this one

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Red Shirt Lake Jan30-Feb1

Some friends of Joes rented one of the public use cabins on Red Shirt Lake last weekend and he asked if I wanted to go. I thought that I was going to have to ski to the cabin but one of his friends had a snow machine I could use. It was snowing hard when we left the car Friday and snowed all day. I fined in front of cabin one all day with out a bite. Some more of Joe’s friends came Friday evening and there where six of us that stayed in the cabin. The wood stove kept it nice inside Friday night. The next day it cleared up and became cold. I took the sled and fished in front of Lynx Creek with the same result as near the cabin. There where five of us fishing here but we only caught one small hammer handle. The temperature dropped over night. We had a hard time keeping the cabin warm. There was frost on the floor and my water was frozen when I got up. We left to go back to the car right after we got up. I thought I was moving along on the snow machine really good till I looked back and saw that the hitch to the sled I was towing had broken and I no longer had it behind me. I did a 360 in the trail and took off after it. I drove as fast as I safely could. Luckily one of the others picked it up. When I caught up to them I tried to move off the trail so they could get by when I did this I ended up stuck. After a few of the guys helped me jerk the machine out I was back on the trail. Unfortunately, the combination of the fast driving and all the close I was wearing made me over heat and I got sick when I got back to the car. I felt like I was not much of a help getting ready to leave as I through up a few times. One of the tucks had a hard time starting in the cold and needed to be jumped. I hate to say it but I was glad I think it would have made it a lot worse if I started riding in a truck right away. All in all the weather was nice, the company was good and the fishing was sad but it was a lot of fun.