The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Sunday, December 28, 2008

photos I took today

I took these pics of a clear ball then changed the with adobe. Thought you all might like to look at them

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here are some pics to keep you warm

I have herd lots of complaints about the cold weather in the states. It's been cold here this winter also. Sariah even complained about the cold damp Arizona weather. I thought these might warm you up a bit. She might not miss Alaska so much After she sees the frostey side of things.

Ice fishing on the 26 of December

I hate to say it but I got skunked. Well I did get a few bites and one felt like it might have been a big fish But I will never know. One thing is for shore when I get skunked it relay steams me.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was a good time. Family friends and fun at Allan and Tamis. for those that cant go because you live out of town here are some photos and so you can see.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

rabbit hunting 12/6/2008

Well hunting was a bust. Rabbits were skittish every where I went. I think because I took the dog. I did see nine but they were going away from me at mock 10. guess thats because I had the gun. Here are some mt. for you all

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lake Louise November 28

My friend Salmonman, as we call him on, picked me up this weekend for some ice fishing at Lake Louise. The trip started off with the normal long ride to Lake Louise from Anchorage. On the way we stopped in Palmer to pickup another friend Troutsman for the trip. As we drove we talked about how we would love to catch one of those giant Lake Trout Lake Louise is known for. Salmonman said man I would love to catch a fifteen or twenty pound lake trout. Russ agreed that would be great. Well, I said; I would be happy with a ten pound laker if I caught a fish that was fifteen or twenty pounds I might pee myself from the excitement.
We left Palmer with a warm Chinooks making it 35 degrees and arrived to Lake Louise with sub zero temperature. We stepped from the truck to check the ice on the lake to see if we could drive on it. We thought we could do it if we chained up. We spent the next several minuets dressing in our winter gear then set out chaining the tiers. Salmonman then cautiously drove us down a steep hill to the lake. We slowly drove to a spot that we thought should hold some fish and stopped. We retrieved our ice fishing gear from the back of the truck and discussed how we were going to go about drilling some holes. We decided to start drilling from a point off the lake in approximately ten feet of water then go out every few feet in the direction of the point till we found a drop off. Salmonman drilled the holes and Troutsman followed him with the ice scoop. I hooked a heavy five inch brass colored spoon to one of my rods and walked behind them. I dropped the spoon down and did a few jigs in each hole to find the depth. I was at the last hole of the nine or so they had drilled and dropped my line down. There was about 20 feet of water. I jigged a few times and told the guys the depth. They each had a rod in and were fishing so I decided to stay there with the big spoon jigging. We were all talking about random mundane things that had nothing to do with fishing. I was becoming tired of jigging the heavy spoon that was on the rod and made the comment that I was going to change to a curly tail jig. Just then; slam!!! My pull doubles over and line rips off the reel. I scream. “Fish on”. Before Troutsman and Salmonman could get there I looked down and almost all the line was gone from the spool. I was surprised, as I had put twenty pound Fire line on the spool till it was starting to come off the edges. I started to panic as I could tell this fish was a good one and did not want to loose it. I pinched the line between my thumb and pointer finger but it did no good the fish was still running and now I could see the center of the spool. Fear crept into me that I might break this fish off so I threw my glove off one hand and quickly tightened the drag six clicks, but the fish was still heading for the far side of Lake Louise. I think it had three hundred yards of line out so I clicked the drag a few more times and the fish started to slow. Soon I had the beast turned and coming back to the hole. I recovered half the line then like a rocket it shot off again making my drag zing. Then all of a sudden the line went taut. The drag stopped releasing line but my rod was still bent. “No” the fish must have snagged the hook on the ice while it was running and now it’s gone. Most the line was off the real and we could not see the hook any were. Salmon Man offered to put his hand down the hole and try to dislodge the hook. I told him to go for it. Just as he pushed the line off the jagged ice at the base of the ice fishing hole the fined brut shot several more feet of line off the reel then the turned and came straight at us. I reeled as quickly as I could in order to keep the line tight. Soon I recovered a fray in the line caused by the fish’s vigorous running, pulling the line over the sharp ice. I knew I had to ice this fish soon. But the thing had other ideas. We watched as it raced past the hole. The three of us gasped at whet we saw, this thing was incredibly big. The biggest fish I caught ice fishing, a twenty six and a half inch bow was nothing to this beast. I slowly turned the fish and worked it back to the hole. It was a sight to watch the huge head come through the hole. The girth of the fish looked even more massive when its body was in the 10 inch ice hole. We though we were standing over the honey hole and we were going to have a great day, unfortunately like typical Lake Louise style it was the only fish. We each got a bite but that was it. Now we can’t wait to go back. I would just like to thank Salmonman and Troutsman for being there. I would not have got that fish on the ice on my own and since my camera was in the car I would not have got the photo with out killing the fish. On the other hand a whole lot of me wishes I would have took the fish home for bragging rights.