The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lake Louise Feb 20 & 21

I headed to Lake Louise with some friends last weekend. The weather was great, kind of cold in the morning but it warmed up in the afternoon to 20s. It is amazing how warm that can feel when it reflects off of a lake in your face. At one point it felt so warm I had to take my coat and hat off. The down side is that when the sun set it became a lot colder. We had some snow machines and one of the guys rented one from the lodge. So once again I had to ride doubles. We started the day at the mouth of a bay off a point. We had some good bites first thing then it slowed till Max hooked a nice Lake Trout. After that things slowed way down. Patrick and Nick chose to go off and explore the other side of the bay. They where gone for a long time when Patrick called me to say that Nick had a monster on and had been fighting it for a while. We jumped on the machines to go look at what was going on the hook. (It is the fish by the rod in the dark). Since he caught that fish there we decided to drill some holes and stay for a while. Patrick got a huge hit that broke his line off. Then I had one on for a while but lost it. Right after that I hooked into a small Burbot. We kept getting small hits after that just enough to keep us going, any way. Then I got hit hard and set the hook into a big burbot it put up a good fight and soon I had a 14 lbs fish on the ice. Not long after one of the others landed a burbot about the same size. The action slowed after that and it was nine in the evening, we thought we should check into the lodge for the night. We woke up late the next day and ate breakfast. While we ate Patrick went out and caught a nice burbot longer then mine from the same spot as the night before. After we were through eating we headed out to meet him. Things where going great we had hits now in then but no hook ups. I had one on for a while that felt big but I lost it. The other guys looked down their holes and could see fish swim by now and then. I was sitting back in my chair soaking up the sunrise when I got hit hard. This thing was dogging me, as soon as I would get it near the hole it would pull hard back to the bottom of the lake and not move. I could tell that it was big because I could not move the thing; it never went for any long runs just pulled to the bottom of the lake and stopped. I had to tighten my drag so I could pull the fish up. I though I had a monster burbot but when it came through the hole it was a huge laker. We fished there for a while longer but did not have any more action so we headed to the other side of the lake. We caught a few more small lake trout before it was time to go.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Byers lake

Heidi and I spent last weekend at Byers Lake. We had a great time skiing around the trails and on the lake. I rented cabin three witch is lest rented cabin since it is the farthest from the road. It took two sled loads to transport all the comfort items to the cabin, that included four bundles of fire wood, five gallons of water and a 20 lbs of propane for the lantern and stove. Heidi became all domesticated when arrived there and cleaned the whole place. By the time we left it looked like a new place. After we skied and hiked all day we played cards and ate dinner, been a long time since we could play games with out getting interrupted. It had been along time since ether one of us had skied and we took some video that is funny