The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patience at Disney land

Here is Patience at Disney Land I thought it was a neat photo for you to see

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair hunting with a 410/22

I spent the morning driving to Sheep Mountain, most people wouldn’t like the long drive but I find it relaxing and a time to think. I had a purpose in this trip; this week is mine and Patience’s birth days, for a gift to the two of us I purchased a rifle so she could go small game hunting with me. She was in California with Heidi so she had no idea about it. I have been looking for a rifle small enough for her to hold but with enough power for a rabbit running through the woods. As I was walking through Wal-Mart the other day I saw the one I wanted, a 410/22 over under like the one grandpa had when I was a kid. The 22 is just right for her. The gun is light enough for her to carry and the wood stock is good and durable. I don’t know if she could shoot the 410 yet but in a few years she should be able to. I took the gun home, took it out of the box, put it together and inspected it. Man did it look great. The light coming through the window made the stock shine as I held to the light to inspect the barrel. I couldn’t wait to use it. It was there in my hands bagging to be field tested and approved. I made the plans right then and there to go out and shoot it. I could have taken it to Rabbit Creek Rifle Rang and shot it for ten bucks but you know me why would I do that when I could put the 10 dollars in my gas tank and do some real field testing.
It was a cold blustery day as I strapped on my snow shoes and took the gun in my hand. I inspected the barrel once more, checked all the screw took make shore it was in good working order then opened the breach and placed a 410 an a 22 round in there respectable spots. I then closed the breach and slowly lowered the firing pin. I put the selector on 410 like it showed in the owner’s manual thinking that I jumped a hare it would be a running shot and off I went. It was nice to be out but man was it cold, the wind was coming from a direction that mad it impossible to walk away from. It hit the side of my face like a bunch of needles pricking your skin. I pulled my face mask up over my nose and put mittens on my hands. Unfortunately, this is one dilemma you just can’t fix when it’s cold; mittens keep your hands warmer then gloves but how are you to shoot when you can’t get your trigger finger through the trigger guard. The only way I have found to fix this is to where mittens that fold back to expose your fingers; this isn’t bad when it’s cool out but when the wind chill is that cold you cant avoid cold finger tips, for this reason I put some hand warmers in the fold of my left hand mitten. I didn’t walk far when on top of a hill silhouetted in the pale morning light was the figure of a snow shoe hare. I had time to think so I lowered the selector to .22 and cocked the rifle. The rabbit was 20 yards up a steep hill I lined the shot up with the space between the hare’s ears and slowly squeezed the trigger. The gun went bang and the hare walked off like it was not even bothered by the shot at all. Ha, I thought, should have spent the money at the rifle rang. I was getting ready to open the breach and add another .22 round when out of the corner of my peripheral vision I saw some movement. Shore enough there was another rabbit; this one in the brush half way up the hill running. I dint have much time, I switched the gun to 410 cocked it though it to my shoulder and shot. It was a direct hit the hair jumped out of the air then landed on its side. I struggled through the deep snow to retrieve it took my pack off my back put the rabbit in a plastic sack reloaded the gun and proceeded up the trail. I had to stop every hundred yards and shoot a rabbit. I would shoot first with the .22, if the rabbit was sitting, aiming for the head. Most times I would miss and follow up with the 410. By the end of the day I had 15 rabbits on my back. I think my pack weighed 60 lbs. I missed a few but not many. I tried to clean them on the trail but the wind and cold was to much, after only completing the dressing of one hair, I had to put my hands in the mittens as they where burning with pain from the cold. I think Barbra was overwhelmed with excitement when she saw me skinning them in the Kitchen; that of course is a lie she did not like it one bit.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ice fishing for Rainbows

Went to one of my favs for ice fishing today. late in the year for rainbows but gave it a go any way and fishing was as slow as it could be. I didn't get skunked though, I caught one about 16 inches. I don't think I will target Rainbows any more this month, they are to lethargic from a lack of Co2 after being under the ice since October. I think I will hit places with char and lakers next time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am hoping we can hear the ice cracking in good speakers

Fish cleaned at 10 deg. and cooked over spruce sap yum

Drake Lake

Jonathan and I headed to Drake Lake this weekend to do some camping. It was a bit nippy as we left the car -10 but it was about right for pulling a sled loaded with all the supplies for a mile and a half. After the sun came over the trees it was nice and warm. I did not put my coat on till after 5 in the evening. I forgot the snow shoes so trips off the main trail where a bit difficult as there was a few feet of snow. Jonathan had hoped to shot some rabbits or birds but we did not see any thing. He tried to walk into the woods but after wadding up to his waist, soon changed his mind. I did some fishing for some dinner and caught a char and a rainbow. I told Jonathan we were camping survival man style and whet we caught we where going to eat with out normal cooking utensils and we where going to start the fire without any matches. Starting the fire was easy with all the rotted spruce trees around. Cooking the fish was no problem; but eating food cooked over a fire made from rotted spruce trees was tough, don't think we got the taste out of our mouth till we got back home. After I watched Jonathan gnaw his way through the some whet cooked flesh of the fish I broke out the MT. House meals, tea pot and the cook stove. I think he was rather excited to see he would not have to live off fish alone. We shot the 22. a few time before we went to bed. We tried to shoot a propane can with it. I think we each hit it at least 15 times but a 22. cant penetrate the can, as it was dented up. It was vary quiet there and I slept great. Unfortunately, Jonathan was a little cold at night. When it came time to get up he said he wanted to stay in bed as he did not sleep. The deep snow was over my boots and some leaked in. I did not know it was so bad till I got up in the morning to put my boots back on they where froze like a rock. I put some hand warmers in them and put them in the sleeping bag with me till they thawed enough for me to get my foot in. I then put my boots on with hand warmers in them. My feet where soaked all day but warm. I ate some food then went off to fish. As I left camp I thought about picking up the propane can and all the spent rounds but I did not think any one would be around so I decided to wait. As I passed the point and made my way to where I was going to fish there they where two troopers ready to check my license. I thought for shore they would be made about the mess I left. But all they did was laugh and asked me to clean up before I went back to the car. I guess they where there to check a trappers sets to make Shore he had them cleaned up as it was the end of the season. I caught another rain bow then headed back to clean camp. We cleaned it all up ate some food and headed to the car. It was a nice trip