The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jim creek comes out of the cannon and fills the swamps
The sun sets at the end of the day.

Jim Creek

Aug 16, 2008
I’ve floated Jim Creek several times this year but I always run out of time and energy to make a blog update. This time I went out of my way to remember the camera so I could show the rugged landscape of the Knick river drainage.
Diane got up at four A.M. so she could go. It takes an hour to drive to Jim Lake in the Butte. After you get the canoe unloaded from the car, than loaded with your gear it takes 15 min. to paddle across the lake to an unnamed slew where you have to go for another twenty min. Needless to say when you get up so early you still don’t get to the good fishing till seven. I think next year I might go after work and camp for the night.
We lucked out with the weather, it was raining when we left town. Fortunately, when we got there it cleared up. We could see rain clouds swirling around us but we were in sun the whole day. I use an electric trolling motor when I get to the creek. The steam doesn’t have much current but the trolling motor makes it easier when you go up steam. We floated to the sand dunes then motored to where Jim Creek comes out of the mountains. I hooked far more fish than I caught. Some time a sports fisherman needs to be humbled by the fish gods, I guess this was my humbling. I could see lots of fish lying in the deep holes. I would hook them fight them for a few minutes then they would spit the hook. A few casts later I would hook a log and louse my hook. Diane had fun watching me loose fish and hooks. But I think most of all she liked to watch the frustration in my face as I lost 15 fish in a row. After many lost fish I pulled a few into the net. They where big hen’s maybe ten pound each. We took some time to explore the other lakes in the area but the wind was a bit strong on them. I think that I might take a trip back there for some moose hunting in the next few weeks. But this was my last salmon trip of the year. Notice I said Salmon, I will still be fishing.

Jim Creek

Someone else took this photo I dont know who as I got it off the net, but it's a great pick. Knick Glaicer is in the back Swan Lake is the fearthst lake and Gull lake is the near lake
Diane in front of Swan Lake and Pioner Peak in the back ground
Jim Creek with the Chugach Mountains in the background
Rain clouds moving in front of the mountain. Took the photo as a fish jumped you can see it on the right.

Diane with three Coho and a rainbow. The rianbow is so small we could cook it in the cavety of the Salmon like Turducken only Cobow.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's been a wile

Well I haven't posted for a long time. Guss I've been a bit busy with fish, camping and working. Well lets see; I've fished Jim creek on Wednesday night a few times catching my limit of silvers and a few reds. I went dip netting at Kasilof with Joe, we dipped 18 reds. I took a group from work to Seward for a three day camp out. I went dipping at Kasilof with the scouts, Dipped all day and most of a night and only got three reds and two pinks. I went on a float trip down Jim creek with Joe, we caught our limit and a limit for a proxy.