The Wrangells from Lake Louise

The Wrangells  from Lake Louise

Monday, September 13, 2010

the summer

So I haven't posted all summer I don't know why just did not take the time. Been a good summer did a lot of camping. For the Forth of July I took a solo trip to Tangle Lakes. The dog and I had a great time, that was the last time that the sun shined around here as this has been the wettest year ever. Patience and I did some dip netting on the Kaseloff River. Joe met us at Johnson lake camp ground and we where able to dip 40 fish from the river in one day. While down there Patience, Joe and I went out on a friends boat to do some halibut fishing. Patience did not have such a great time as it was vary ruff and she got sea sick. We caught some nice fish. Ended the year with Heidi's uncle Wayne and aunt Beth coming up from New Hampshire and going on a trip to Kodiak with us. Had a great trip, took the ferry from Homer and lucked out with the seas and weather. Left Homer in the rain but it cleared up as we arrived to the island, then it stayed nice the whole time we where there. The kids had a great time Wayne and I did a lot of fishing. We saw all kinds of wild life. I will post the photos at some point but for now if you want to see theme go to my photo bucket.